It is the spirit of place of this land, Shikoku,
that we want to bring to you.

The wind, the light, the water of a land.
The thoughts and the wishes of its people.
The accumulation of time—memories.

As if building up a gradation,
albeit transparent,
the memories of this land accumulate to
become a layer of air.
The air of the land —
its spirit of place — comes into being.

The true value and the true source of
things is found here,
in culture and in kioku/memory.


Epilogue Memories

Memories of the Forest


If you now take a look at the world in front of you with your mind's eye again, I believe you must surely be able to meet the "truth" for yourself.

Taking over person to person – vol.3 –

The knot of Mizuhiki is the art itself. It is so beautiful.