About us

Where we are going. It is to continue and develop the handicraft and traditional industries in Shikoku, and to create a mechanism for this.

In the background of handicrafts carefully crafted from within the hand, the lifestyles and practices of the people of this region, which have been custom for a long time, are strongly preserved.

Work is part of life, and work is part of life. Life and work are closely linked to the local climate.

Living, work, customs, and climate In this “land memory” we can see the true nature of the land.

“land memory” is the “Culture” of Shikoku. It is a source of handicrafts and all kinds of industrial activities. The true source of value lies in “culture memory”.

A layer of memories and activities left on the land. a memory of land.

What we want to convey is the air of Shikoku itself.

Based on the branding of handicrafts and traditional industries in Shikoku, Ito Co., Ltd. aims to expand the true richness of this island to the world.

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